Deadline is Dec. 15, but you can still apply through Feb. 15.

Mille Lacs Health System is still offering free, in-person MNsure help with trained assisters, even though the Dec. 15 deadline for Jan 1 coverage has passed. The Dec. 15 deadline applied to people who want coverage that starts Jan. 1, but open enrollment stretches through Feb. 15, after which point people can buy policies through the exchange only in special circumstances.

It’s almost time for the start of the upcoming open enrollment period for MNsure. Minnesotans are encouraged to make a plan to shop again on MNsure to make certain they are getting the most comprehensive health coverage for the best price.

Flu shots may be a bit confusing this year. That’s because there are several different kinds of flu vaccines, and there have been delays with all seven of the manufacturers of flu vaccine, to the tune of 10 million doses, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website.

October 17, 2014
“I'd like to provide some basic but important facts about Ebola and its transmission. Although Ebola is

Enterovirus 68 has been receiving a lot of media attention. It is not a new virus ̶ it has been around since 1962. This year, however, the virus

September 8, 2014

Mille Lacs Health System announced that a new regulation from the U.S. DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) resulted in a change to the prescription called Hydrocodone (also called Vicodin, Endocet, Lorcet, Norco or Hycet)  ̶  from a Schedule 3 class of drug to a Schedule 2 class of drug.

What it means to patients is that beginning Oct. 6 of 2014, you will now need a written prescription for any Hydrocodone drug. You will still need to call your pharmacy to request it, and the pharmacy will call MLHS with the request. An MLHS nurse will inform you when that written prescription is ready to be picked up by you. You will then need to pick up that prescription at your clinic.

Drivers of commercial motor vehicles with a gross motor vehicle weight of more than 10,000 pounds must have a medical examination to show that they are in good health and unlikely to have problems operating or controlling their vehicle. They must also carry a medical examiner’s certificate with them at all times while operating the vehicle.

Rules for CDL drivers’ medical exams have changed. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and government federal regulations require certain qualifications for drivers of longer combination vehicles and/or those with commercial driver’s licenses to have a DOT medical examination for driver fitness determination.

Mille Lacs Health System

Sept 30, 2014

MNsure open enrollment period begins November 15, 2014 thru February 15, 2015.

Certified Mnsure assisters are available Monday thru Friday by appointment only at the Onamia clinic.

Call for an appointment 320-532-2655 or 320-532-2651.

Recognized for creating an extraordinary patient experience, Mille Lacs Health System has been named a recipient of the Women’s Choice Award as one of America’s Best Hospitals in Emergency Care. Each year, there are more than 125 million emergency room visits in the U.S., with about a fifth of them being children under the age of 15. Emergency departments attend to life-and-death issues, as well as the day-to-day smaller emergencies, and they deal with them all.