The Mille Lacs Health System Home Care and Hospice Department offers a Foot and Toenail Clinic in both Isle and Onamia on the first Thursday of every month. In Isle, it’s held at the Isle Senior Apartments from 9 to 11 a.m. In Onamia, it’s held from 12-1 p.m. at the Onamia Senior Center and this is a new time from the previous schedule.

The clinic is free to all seniors and an R.N. will be providing the service. For more info, call 320-532-2800.

by Tammy Hall, R.N., and Kari Collett, R.D.N.
Mille Lacs Health System

So you’ve just been diagnosed with Diabetes, now what do you do?

Your doctor has just told you for the first time that you have diabetes. You may be feeling angry, confused, scared, and hopeless. Information about diabetes is everywhere, but it’s overwhelming and difficult to sort through and make sense of. Everyone you run into claims to be an expert and will give you advice. Unfortunately, the advice may not be right for you.

by Dawn Huffman
Mille Lacs Health System

With summer underway, it’s easy to forget to take the necessary steps to stay safe while having fun. Here are some tips to remember.

When planning a day outdoors, don’t forget that it’s important to stay hydrated and use sunscreen. Heat stroke and sun poisoning can happen quickly when focused on having fun. It’s important to increase fluid intake when planning to stay outdoors for the day to ensure a fun time without an emergency. Dehydration can upset the delicate fluid-salt balance needed to maintain healthy cells and tissues.

Mille Lacs Health System has added a new messaging feature to its Patient Portal feature for clinic visits. If patients have not signed up to visit the Patient Portal, it’s an easy couple of steps and anyone in Admissions can help get it set up. All that’s needed is an email address and access to the Internet.

The Portal makes it possible to look at clinic medical records (after provider review), which include lab results; medications; diagnoses; vital signs (temperature, pulse, and blood pressure);  instructions for you; and more. You can also add and manage family members’ access, and look at your user profile.

When it comes to health, often men fall to the bottom of the list. This is usually because men think that they can just put off getting checkups because they are working or too busy. For this reason, there is a silent health crisis in America. The fact is that on average, American men live sicker and die younger than American women. June is Men’s Health Month and it is a great time to start a new tradition of living a healthier lifestyle.

Mille Lacs Health System’s Senior Care Unit ranked eighth in the nation out of over 1,559 in High Performing In-Patient Psychiatric Facilities. The ranking came from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service, a government entity which licenses such facilities. Required Quality Data was submitted to this entity, and all facilities – large or small – must report measures of quality if they’re seeking government and private insurance payments for their billable services.
Some of the quality measures the Senior Care Unit had to report were those relating to: dignity, communication, medications, and continuity of care.

Sports physicals paperwork can be found by clicking here.

Tracy Meyer, R.N., was hired as the Director of Nursing at Mille Lacs Health System’s Acute Care (hospital) department. Meyer joined MLHS over 10 years ago as an LPN in Long Term Care, and went on to further her nursing education by getting an A.A. degree and finally a Bachelor of Science degree from Excelsior College in Albany, New York.

MLHS COO Kim Kucera said that Meyer’s patient experience, decision-making and problem resolution skills make her an excellent candidate for the position. “We’re excited that Tracy will bring her broad expertise in patient care and customer service to her new role,” Kucera noted.

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