New patient messaging

Mille Lacs Health System has added a new messaging feature to its secure Patient Portal feature for clinic visits. If patients have not signed up to visit the Patient Portal, it’s an easy couple of steps and anyone in Admissions can help get it set up. All that’s needed is an email address and access to the Internet.

The Portal makes it possible to look at clinic medical records (after provider review), which include lab results; medications; diagnoses; vital signs (temperature, pulse, and blood pressure);  instructions for you; and more. You can also add and manage family members’ access, and look at your user profile.

The new messaging feature lets you securely send and receive messages to and from your provider care team. This is a great feature for communicating with the team about an ongoing situation, and is more efficient for providers and nurses as questions are targeted to the right people, and if the provider is in, the message could be answered by end of day. There is even an option to send a photo if that could aid in communication. Once the communication begins, the patient is alerted by email when there is a response from the care team.

The messaging feature is not, however, designed for new health issues that arise, which normally would necessitate a clinic visit; emergencies; and is not for medication refill use. Patients should still call their pharmacies when they need medication refills.

For questions about the Patient Portal usage, call 320-532-2350 to speak to a Portal representative, M-F, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.