New Hydrocodone regs

September 8, 2014

Mille Lacs Health System announced that a new regulation from the U.S. DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) resulted in a change to the prescription called Hydrocodone (also called Vicodin, Endocet, Lorcet, Norco or Hycet)  ̶  from a Schedule 3 class of drug to a Schedule 2 class of drug.

What it means to patients is that beginning Oct. 6 of 2014, you will now need a written prescription for any Hydrocodone drug. You will still need to call your pharmacy to request it, and the pharmacy will call MLHS with the request. An MLHS nurse will inform you when that written prescription is ready to be picked up by you. You will then need to pick up that prescription at your clinic.

In addition, your provider may require you to make more frequent office visits to continue with this medication. The medical staff at Mille Lacs Health System asks that you be patient in the process of implementing this new regulation.

So, when needing your hydrocodone refill at Mille Lacs Health System:

  1. Call your pharmacy for your refill
  2. Pharmacy will send request to MLHS
  3. MLHS nurse will call you when written prescription is ready to be picked up
  4. Pick up prescription at your clinic
  5. Bring to pharmacy