Never too late

There is a myth that if you haven’t gotten your flu shot by November, the opportunity is lost. The Center for Disease Control and the Minnesota Dept. of Health maintain that it’s just not true.  As long as influenza is circulating (which is typically through March) you can still get the flu, and it’s still worthwhile even if it isn’t a perfect match, strain-wise.

If you use the excuse “I never get sick,” that’s not smart thinking. This could be your year. And, you can have an active flu virus yet not be presenting any symptoms yet, so feasibly could pass it on without knowing it to any family gathering, party, or at work.

Remember that you not only get the flu vaccine to protect yourself, but to protect others around you who may not have the strong immune system you have, and could become hospitalized, or worse, die. These people include the very young, the very old, or others who are immuno-compromised, such as those receiving chemotherapy of any kind. Your flu could become their flu. Don’t let it happen. Get your flu shot if you haven’t already.