MLHS is FluSafe recognized

FluSafe is a Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) program that recognizes Minnesota hospitals and nursing homes for high influenza (flu) vaccination rates among their health care personnel.

Mille Lacs Health System received a red ribbon from the MDH for being a hospital with an 86% flu vaccination rate amongst all employees for 2015/16, showing a commitment to protecting patient health.

“Knowing that flu can spread  to others before symptoms are even noticed by the person who has the flu, is even more important when you think about our healthcare workers here being able to spread flu to patients and coworkers,” said Vicki Engmark, MLHS Infection Control Officer. “We are proud of the employees who got the vaccination last year. They are telling our community that they care enough to be protected.”

Unvaccinated health care personnel can pass highly contagious flu to their patients, many of whom are at high risk for flu complications. While vaccination will not prevent every case of flu, it is an active step in decreasing disease and protecting patients.

FluSafe aims to help Minnesota hospitals and nursing homes meet these goals by facilitating friendly competition among health care facilities, creating transparency through public recognition, and supporting thorough and accurate tracking of flu vaccine coverage. MDH provides tools and best practice guidance to help hospitals and nursing homes develop and implement vaccination programs and track their vaccination rates. MLHS is amplifying its message even stronger this year to make sure as many employees as possible receive the flu shot.