MLHS awarded for patient safety

Mille Lacs Health System has been recognized by the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) for superior performance in patient safety as part of its Hospital Engagement Network 2.0. The MHA Hospital Engagement Network 2.0 is working to reduce hospital-acquired conditions by 40 percent and readmissions by 20 percent.

MLHS was honored with a Patient Safety Excellence Award. The award is given to hospitals that reach benchmark safety criteria on six or more topics, relating to measures that include falls, pressure injuries, delirium, infections, and violence prevention.

“MLHS is helping to further strengthen patient safety in Minnesota and contributing to the state’s well-deserved reputation for high-quality health care,” said Lawrence Massa, MHA president and CEO.

One of the many interventions that helped the hospital achieve benchmark criteria was practicing good hand hygiene and focusing on techniques that decrease the risk of introducing or spreading an infection. The hospital also has a program in place for falls reduction, and a violence prevention plan.

Additionally, a Patient and Family Advisory Council is in development. The council will be comprised of community members working together with MLHS staff to create a healthcare environment in which patients can feel they are listened to, cared about, and will have the best possible healthcare experience. If anyone is interested in becoming a member of this council or has any questions please call 320-532-2653 for more information.

“We’ve committed resources to quality improvement work in many focus areas in order to achieve success with our patient safety initiatives and other programs,” said Kim Kucera, MLHS COO.  “What this means to our patients is that we are actively engaged in making sure safety and quality care are always top of mind.” Kucera also noted that MLHS was among 16 hospitals recognized by MHA for demonstrating high performance on reducing six or more hospital acquired conditions.