Fall Wellness


It’s flu shot season again, and Mille Lacs Health System is giving flu shots in all the neighborhood clinics during the month of October. Walk-ins are welcome but we recommend an appointment.

Call 320-532-3154 to schedule an appointment to get your shot.

On the fence about it? Here are answers to four common concerns: 

  • I never get sick. Think about it like this: You may never have been in a serious car accident, but you wear your seatbelt anyway, right? It’s for your protection.
  • I’ve gotten the vaccine but still get sick. But did you have the real influenza? Many other copycat viruses circulate through our flu season that may feel like flu, but were you diagnosed with a test? Remember also the vaccine needs a couple weeks to get into your system and give you the full protection, so you may have been exposed to the real influenza before your shot. Additionally, there are at least 2 strains of flu in the yearly vaccine. Some strains develop and circulate that were not in the shot, and that can’t be helped, as it’s an imperfect science every year. But, you reduce your chances of getting influenza if you get the shot.
  • I’ve gotten the flu from the vaccine. That really isn’t possible because it is not a live virus. Again, was your flu diagnosed as such, or were you ill with a “copycat” virus in your community?
  • I don’t like needles and don’t enjoy being stuck. What’s worse, a week or more of being horribly sick, or a needle prick?

Our best offer to our patients is to reduce the chance that you get sick, sicken others, or have complications of flu that can land you in the hospital. Protect yourself and those around you and get the shot.

Onamia Clinic:

  • Tuesday- 10/3 
  • Thursday-10/5 
  • Monday- 10/9 
  • Thursday- 10/12 
  • Wednesday- 10/18 
  • Friday- 10/20 
  • Tuesday- 10/24 

Isle Clinic:

  • Monday – 10/2 
  • Friday- 10/6 
  • Thursday- 10/12 
  • Friday- 10/13 
  • Monday- 10/16 
  • Friday- 10/20 
  • Thursday- 10/26  

Hillman Clinic:

  • Monday- 10/9  

Garrison Clinic: 

  • Thursday-10/12