CFO wins St. Francis award

The annual Mille Lacs Health System St. Francis Award, given to a nominated employee, was awarded on Jan. 22 to John Unzen, CFO at MLHS.

Mille Lacs Health System supports and encourages all employees to create a caring and compassionate healing environment for those served. The annual St. Francis Award was established in 1989 to identify fellow employees who are both role models and an inspiration to others. It is given at the January Holiday Party for employees.

At the MLHS annual holiday party, Dr. Tom Bracken told the group that what distinguished St. Francis from many other saints was his emphasis on peace; on bringing peace to areas of conflict, of finding harmony amidst rancor. “This year we had several candidates that were not just wonderful people but specifically acted to bring peace to areas of conflict at MLHS,” Bracken said. “John has brought peace to many areas of the organization, and also with his family, friends and community. We felt he was easily the most deserving of this award for that reason this year.”

Fourteen employees of the health system were nominated for the award this year. The St. Francis Award selection committee is traditionally comprised of past St. Francis Award winners.

Also at the event, The Beth Cunz Scholarship award was given to Kelly Stangl, a nurse at Mille Lacs Health System Acute Care who is going on to further pursue her nursing career. The scholarship is new. The late Beth Cunz worked as a nurse at MLHS for over two decades. Her husband, Tom, recently committed to five years of scholarship donations to an MLHS employee actively enrolled in an LPN or RN course. The MLHS Senior Team made the choice of candidate.