Breast Cancer Support Group at MLHS

Sometimes when you are facing an issue, you need help that goes beyond what your families and friends can give. Support groups bring people together who are facing the same types of life events, and can be a vital tool to help people cope.

Betsy Lundquist, a business owner in Hillman, understands that well. Six years ago, she faced breast cancer and found that attending support groups helped her share concerns as well as techniques for living successfully with the diagnosis. “I’ve always thought we needed one here though,” she said. “You shouldn’t have to drive so far to get that kind of help. I know there’s a need, and there is no reason you have to try to get by on your own.”

The monthly Breast Cancer Support Group will be held for the first time on Tues., Jan. 19, from 2-3 p.m. in the East Conference Room in the Long Term Care wing on the Onamia campus. Subsequent meetings will be held the third Tuesday of every month.

A support group can help attendees make connections with others who are facing similar issues. “It’s an invaluable resource,” said Lundquist. “It helps you realize that other people have this too, and we can help one another not feel so isolated. Sometimes the only one who really understands is someone going through the same thing.”