Surgical Services

Surgery designed with you in mind

Mille Lacs Health System Surgical Services offers general and specialty procedures in a convenient location where professional courtesy and small-town friendly go-hand-in-hand. Experienced surgeons provide you with direct care and consistent staffing, ensuring the best possible outcome. Non-emergency surgeries scheduled in advance, or elective surgeries, are performed.

Our surgical specialists can be found here.

General procedures include:

Dr. Thomas Davis
General Surgery
Every Monday-Thursday
Surgery AM/Clinic PM


Abdominal Surgery:

 Hernias-Various Types

Laparoscopic Surgery:

 Hernias-Various Types

Endoscopic Examinations:

 Upper Endoscopy
 Hemorrhoid Treatment

Breast Surgery:

 Port a Cath Placement
 Various Cancer Surgeries


Dr. Steve Mariash

 Wound Care
 Metatarsal Resection
 Trans Metatarsal Amputation


Dr. Kurt Waters

 Ear Tubes
 Nasal Septoplasty
 Blepharoplasty-Eye Lid
 Skin Lesion Removal


Dr. Amy Lelwica

Knee Surgery:

 ACL Repair
 Meniscal Repair

Shoulder Surgery:

 Rotator Cuff Repair
 Labral Repair
 Repair Fractures-ORIF
 Hand, Arm, Shoulder
 Leg, Hip, Elbow

Hand Surgery:

 Carpel Tunnel Release
 Cyst Excision
 Trigger Finger Release
 CMC Arthroplasty
 Dupuytrens Release
 Tendon Repair

Elbow Surgery:

 Ulnar Nerve Transposition


Dr. Hal Leland

 Abdominal and Vaginal Hysterectomy
 Tubal Ligation
 Bladder Suspension


Dr. Margaret Browning

 Ear Tubes


Dr. Ranjan Dey
Pain Management

 Epidural Steroid Injection
 Medial Branch Block
 Nerve Blocks
 Joint Injections


Dr. Ina Drown


 YAG Procedure
 Blepharoplasty-Eye Lid
 Skin Lesion Removal


Our department also works in cooperation with:Mille Lacs Health System Lab, Clinic, Radiology, Acute Care and Physical Therapy.

Surgical Services Department: 320-532-2460