Need a sleep study?

Do you need a sleep study? Talk to your healthcare provider if these issues sound familiar.

Do you snore or wake up gasping for air?
Did somebody see you have pauses in breathing while you were sleeping?
Do you feel tired during the day?
Do you fall asleep easily during the day?
Have you fallen asleep driving?

Many medical conditions are caused by or worsened by untreated sleep apnea.

Treatment options for sleep apnea   

The most common sleep disorder is sleep apnea. This is caused by your brain not sending a signal to your lungs to breathe (central sleep apnea); or a collapse of your breathing tube, which does not allow air to get to your lungs (obstructive sleep apnea).

The most common treatment for both types of apnea is CPAP. CPAP is a machine to help people breath more easily. It applies a flow of air into the nose and mouth to keep the breathing tube by your throat from collapsing.  The machine is attached to a mask that goes on your face covering your nose, mouth and nose or prongs that fit into your nose.

It doesn’t seem that putting a mask on your face would help you get better sleep, but it does! Once you find a mask that fits and the airflow from the machine makes breathing easy, you can sleep better!  It does take some time to adjust to the mask and airflow.  There are many different types of masks to choose from, there will be one that works for you. 

Depending on the diagnosis made from your sleep study, other therapies may be indicated.